Kiyobukan Updates: from the Desk of Kyoshi Hobson 11/26/2013

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End of the year greetings to all of you! I pray that everyone receives this letter in good health and spirit.

Just to catch you all up on what events have been going on since the summer… I am extremely proud to announce Sensei Marques McCammon was promoted to Renshi/Godan by Hanshi as a part of his final words and wishes about the Kiyobukan.   I was more than proud to be the barer of this exciting news as we had a special seminar at his dojo in San Marcos. 

Additionally, we completed the Kata & Bunkai Conclave #6 at my dojo in early November.  We had approximately thirty participants from four of our dojos in the association.  We started out with basic bunkai and worked our way up.

Lastly, due to a conflict in schedule, Sensei Harriday’s dojo could not attend the Conclave.   So the weekend following, they scheduled the exact seminar to be taught at their dojo.  It was very well attended.  Everyone trained hard and had a great time.

Beyond the update, I wanted to take this opportunity to  express my sincerest gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to serve you in the Kiyobukan.  It has been truly a great experience being the middleman between Hanshi Nakaza and our group.   I have had the opportunity to come to everyone’s dojo on more than one occasion and have been fortunate enough to get to know everyone at least a bit better.

The Kiyobukan’s beginnings were meager.  It was just Hanshi and I, and a big dream.   Slowly but surely we built the organization, dojo by dojo, club by club to what it currently is today.  Everyone has enjoyed summer camps with Hanshi, trips to Okinawa, conclaves, seminars and of course promotions.  We all planned the perfect picnic, but the weather we just could not control.   

As you all know, Hanshi passed early this fall after a strong bout with cancer.  As you may already know, before he passed, Hanshi assumed the title of “Saiko Komon” (Senior Advisor) and he appointed me the “So Honbu Cho” (Main Association Chairman).    

While I was in Okinawa, just before Hanshi passed, he told his family to tell me that I would be the one to carry on the Kiyobukan.  They told that he had entrusted me, one-hundred percent, with the task of carrying his, and the Kiyobukan’s, legacy into the future.   Although I am honored by the appointment, I would not hesitate to give it all back to have my instructor and close friend back amongst us.  

Hanshi Nakaza was a giving individual. He gave his everything to his karate and to us.  All he asked was that we always do our very best.   He gave us a karate home and an opportunity to grow … He was, in essence, our adopted karate father and the Kiyobukan was his gift to us.   

All the Best

Kyoshi Brian Hobson

So Honbu Cho

International Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan

Virginian Becomes the First American Headquarters Chief of an Okinawan Karate Association

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Hampton, Virginia’s, Brian K. Hobson has been appointed Director of the Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan’s headquarters in Okinawa, Japan.

Hampton, Virginia (PRWEB) September 12, 2013

Brian K. Hobson, a native of Hampton, Virginia has been appointed as the “So Honbu Cho” (Headquarters Director) of the Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan Association’s 

Headquarters in Okinawa, Japan by the organizations Chairman, Hanshi (Grandmaster) 9th Degree Black Belt, Seiei Nakaza. This appointment marks the first time that an American has been granted the directorship of a karate association headquarters on Okinawa.

“Okinawa (Japan) is the birthplace of the Karate. However, Kyoshi (Master) Hobson has Karate of a quality to rival any senior student in Okinawa or anywhere else in the world,” quoted a representative of Hanshi (Grandmaster) Nakaza who presented Hobson with his promotion in Nakaza’s absence.

Karate is highly regarded by the Okinawan people, and is protected as a key cultural asset.

“I can’t put into words how humbled I feel by this appointment,” said Hobson. “I am not even sure that I fully comprehend the gravity of it at this point, but I pledge with my whole being that I will do everything in my power to make my teacher, my students, and the people of Okinawa proud of me.”

Brian Hobson is the owner and president of the Brian Hobson Karate Studio in Hampton, Virginia and has served as the Kiyobukan Association’s North American Director since 2008. A twenty-time U.S. National Karate Champion, former member of the, Olympic Committee sanctioned, U.S. Karate team, and an 8th Degree Black Belt, Hobson has been teaching Karate in Virgina since 1985. In his new position, Hobson will direct the standards and curriculum for all of the Kiyobukan Association members and perspective members worldwide.

About the Okinawa Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan 
The Okinawa Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan ( is a traditional karate association founded by Hanshi (Grandmaster) Seiei Nakaza of Okinawa Japan. The association teaches Shorin Ryu Karate of the Matsumura, Itotsu, Chibana, Nakazato lineage with special focus on preserving the original fighting art of the Okinawan people. Founded in Itoman City, Okinawa the Kiyobukan has students around the world including nearly 1500 students across North America. For more information please visit

Letter from Kyoshi

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Greetings to everyone in our Kiyobukan family! I pray that this letter finds everyone in good spirits and training diligently.

I am writing the this letter after a very good trip to Okinawa to train with Hanshi Nakaza. 
As always we were greeted at the airport by Hanshi and Oshiro-san. Also this time we were greeted by our first time interpreter, Miki. After a quick introduction/reunion we were off to get a quick  bite to eat. Since it was almost midnight when we finally got there, we ate Japanese fast food as Hanshi caught up with us and asked about others that were not in attendance. Next, we were shown our hotel (in Itoman City). This was the very first time any of us ever stayed in any other city other than Naha. The hotel was less than a year old, had a pool, close to a beach and Hanshi's dojo. 

We did the normal  tthings, such as go to Shuriedo, train like hell (in the heat), go to the beach, etc. What was different/unique about this trip?? 
1. We were featured (with pictures) in two of the biggest newspapers in Okinawa with Hanshi announcing the upcoming Summer Camp/Kiyobukan Tournament (check my facebook out for the pics).
2. Hanshi and myself were photographed for the Okinawan Masters project (I was truly honored).
3. Hanshi rented a beach cabin for everyone to enjoy the beach and for us to have a BBQ (the food was spectacular and of course before we left the day turned out to be a impromptu karate lesson in the cabin).
4. We attended a traditional dinner with traditional singing (our interpreter Miki is also an accomplished singer/guitarist. Her full time job is singing in Naha at a dinner theater)
5. Like last year, we attended  the boat races in Itoman. 
6. Everyone, including Hanshi attended the "Dojo Bar" and signed their names on the wall!

At any rate, Hanshi is very much looking forward to Summer Camp this year. After explaining everything to him, he was excited about this years first Annual Tournament! He was very adamant about EVERY dojo participating with their BEST athletes!!! So, again please encourage participation and if there are any questions please let me know.
After explaining the rules to Hanshi he made the following change to the rules:
In kata competition, you must at least use a minimum of 2 kata. You can not repeat the kata, until you have performed another kata in the next round. 
for example: 
1st round: Passai dai, 2nd round: Kusanku sho, 3rd round: either Passai dai or another kata other than Kusanku sho.

Remember this tournament is ONLY for current Kiyobukan members and for only ranks 5th kyu and above. Winners will not only be awarded their medals personally by Hanshi but also will receive FREE tuition for next years camp in sunny San Diego ($200 value). 
Don't wait until the last minute to get your athletes prepared!!! Lets make this be an exciting part of the camp!!!

Just a friendly reminder: testing both black belts and under ranks in are eligible to test in front of Hanshi. There is no higher honor than to receive a certificate for a higher rank from the leader of your association.

Hanshi should be coming into Norfolk on Tuesday prior to camp and leaving the Tuesday after camp. Everyone that has signed up for camp is welcome to come early and/or stay later and train at my dojo. Please let me know if you plan on attending. 
I look forward to seeing everyone this year at camp. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know asap!

In the spirit of Budo,

Brian Hobson,


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Hampton, Virg. (January 23, 2013) - Kyoshi (7th Degree Black Belt) Brian Hobon, Rijicho (Director) of the International Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan recently announced his plans to host the first ever all Kiyobukan Karate Championship Tournament in conjunction with the 2013 Summer Training Camp in Hampton, Virginia.  The tournament is designed to celebrate the strength and deep legacy of "Shuri-Te" and traditional Okinawan Karate.  

"This will be the first year we will host our own karate tournament at the camp," said Hobson.  "This will be the beginning of a legacy that we hope to carry on for many years."

The tournament will be open to only Kiyobukan members. Hanshi, Grandmaster, Seiei Nakaza will be in attendance and will present all awards to the winners of their respective divisions. According to Hobson the event will offer beautiful custom medals for the top competitors, and first place winners will receive full tuition for the 2014 training camp in San Diego California.

About the International Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan

Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan was founded in 2008 by Hanshi, 9th Dan, Seiei Nakaza of to preserve the legacy of Shorin-Ryu as Karate as it was passed down through the Matsumura, Itosu, Chibana, Nakazato lineage.  After  nearly 55 years of training with some of the most noted masters in the history of karate, in the birthplace of karate, Nakaza-sensei has fostered a gathering to preserve karate's future.  The association was founded nurture purity of the Budo spirit of Okinawa and  focuses on developing the
quality of karate-ka above all.

Sensei Paul Hamilton and Sensei Phong Tran are promoted to 5th Dan, Renshi. Sensei Paul Recieves Shihan Certification

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August 2012 - Scarborogh, Ontario Canada

After more than 30 years in the martial arts and 22 years as an instructor Sensei Paul Hamilton has been promoted to the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt) Renshi by Hanshi Seiei Nakaza.  After a grueling 7-hour test in which Renshi Hamilton and his top black belts showed the true depths of Kiyobu (pure warrior) spirit, Hamilton and Sensei Phong Tran, Hamilton's most senior student, where presented certificates of promotion to the rank of Godan Renshi, by Hanshi Nakaza, and Kyoshi Hobson.

Additionally, in recognition of his rich heritage as an instructor of Shorin-ryu Karate, Hanshi Nakaza also presented Renshi Hamilton with a Shihan Certification that internationally acknowledges his knowledge and skill as an instructor.  

"The Shihan certification sets Renshi Hamilton above the masses," commented Kyoshi Brian Hobson.  "He could take that anywhere in the world and traditional karateka will honor and respect it as a symbol of his knowledge and commitment to teaching."

In addition to Renshi Hamilton and Renshi Phong, Sensei Brain Butcher, SenseiTony Rosa, and Sensei Ravi Graham were all tested and promoted to the ranks of Sandan (3rd Degree), Yondan (4th Degree), and Yondan (4th Degree) respectively. Opel Jones, Ana Kupke, and Noah were tested and promoted the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt) and will hence forth be regarded as Sensei.


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Kiyobukan Karate students were the honored guests of the Governor of Okinawa on Friday June 22, at the Executive Offices of the Governor in Naha City Okinawa.  

The Governor greeted Hanshi Seiei Nakaza who was accompanied by Kyoshi Brian Hobson, and 7 karateka from the U.S. and Canada.  The Governor, center in navy blue, told the shorin ryu stylist of his plans to develop a new venue on Okinawa to celebrate the Ryukyu Islands' rich tradition as the birth place of Karate.  

Kiyobukan Participates in 500 year old tradition in Itoman-shi Okinawa

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Members of the International Kiyobukan Kyokai participated in a 500 year old tradition on June 23, 2012 when they joined the people of Nashiro Village, Itoman-Shi Okinawa for the annual canoe race.  Hanshi Nakaza and his students were special guests at the event thanks to the
 Senator of Itoman City.  

While at the event Kyoshi Brian Hobson directed a group of six Kiyobukan black belts to participate in the canoe race.  The race launch from Nashiro beach with three teams racing simultaneously, all in traditional dress of the historic fishing village.  The Kiyobukan team managed an 

impressive secondly place finish behind the team from the Okinawan military.  
Following the race the Kiyobukan karate-ka performed kata for the race attendees on the beach.  The team performed Passai Sho to a warm reception from the event attendees.  Following the event, Hanshi Nakaza, Kyoshi Hobson, and the other black belts joined the villages for a traditional eku dance, and luncheon at the village clubhouse.  Following lunch, Sensei Phong Tran performed kata for the visitors of the community clubhouse.  

"This was an amazing experience for us," said Kyoshi Brian Hobson.  "Our Kiyobukan karate is now a part of the rich tradition of Nashiro Beach.  There is no way to quantify the value of something like that."

Kiyobukan Welcomes Sensei Heidi Inman and The Dojo of Three Rings

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HAMPTON, VA, February, 12, 2012 - Brian K. Hobson, Richicho (North American Director) of the Okinawan Shorin-ryu Kiyobukan Kyokai announced today that Sensei Heidi Inman and The Dojo of Three Rings has joined the Kiyobukan.  Sensei Inman's school is located in Alta Visa, Virginia and offers classes for all age students.  Inman presently holds the rank of Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in traditional Shorin-ryu karate.

"We are proud to welcome Sensei Inman to our association," said Hobson.  "She will bring a new perspective and a strong spirit to our association.  I know that we will all work to make here feel welcome"

The Kiyobukan was founded in 2008, by Hanshi (9th Dan) Nakaza, Seiei to preserve and promote the legacy of traditional Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate-Do and Ryukyu Kobudo.  The name, Kiyobukan, translates to the "House of the Pure Warrior."  It is Hanshi Nakaza's wish that every member of the organization endeavor to manifest that meaning the all of life and uphold the rich legacy that has grown from the original Shuri-Te.

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