Welcome to the Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan and Ryukyu Kobudo website.  Here you will find news and information about the Kiyobukan Association, and our founder and teacher Hanshi 10th Dan, Seiei Nakaza.   


The pledge of the Kiyobukan is to hold true to the pure Shuri-Te (the precursor to Shorin-ryu) tradition of the Matsumura - Itosu - Chibana - Nakazato lineage.  Our goal is to train to be perfect in our karate and thus in all of life for it is only through dedicated and rigorous training will the student find the edges of their true potential.   
We welcome all who share in this philosophy or understand the potential that it has to become kiyo-bu (pure warrior) and find the true spirit of peace through martial practice.

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