Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan was founded in 2008 by Hanshi, 10th Dan, Seiei Nakaza of to preserve the legacy of Shorin-Ryu as Karate as it was passed down through the Matsumura, Itosu, Chibana, Nakazato lineage. After nearly 55 years of training with some of the most noted masters in the history of karate, in the

birthplace of karate, Nakaza-sensei has fostered a gathering to preserve karate's future. Our association was founded nurture purity of the Budo spirit of Okinawa. We focus on quality of karate-ka above all and endeavor to let our actions speak for us.

Our organization is guided by Kyoshi, 8th dan, Brian K. Hobson of Hampton Virginia, the first American to be named So Honbu Cho (Director) of a traditional Okinawan Headquarters Dojo. An accomplished Karate-ka, instructor and competitor, Kyoshi Hobson has studied Shorin-Ryu karate for more than 30 years. Kyoshi Hobson was hand selected by Hanshi Nakaza to be his agent for North America and to guide our association in the time between Nakaza-sensei's visits to the Americas.

The Kiyobukan engages in at least one annual Karate training camp per year, as well as several training seminars and conferences that are led by Kyoshi Hobson.

If you are looking for Karate training that goes beyond the commercial programs and gimmicks to find the true meaning of Karate-Do, than you have found it. Welcome to Kiyobukan Karate-Do. Welcome to the house of the pure warrior.