Post date: Jan 24, 2013 12:1:5 AM

Hampton, Virg. (January 23, 2013) - Kyoshi (7th Degree Black Belt) Brian Hobon, Rijicho (Director) of the International Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan recently announced his plans to host the first ever all Kiyobukan Karate Championship Tournament in conjunction with the 2013 Summer Training Camp in Hampton, Virginia. The tournament is designed to celebrate the strength and deep legacy of "Shuri-Te" and traditional Okinawan Karate.

"This will be the first year we will host our own karate tournament at the camp," said Hobson. "This will be the beginning of a legacy that we hope to carry on for many years."

The tournament will be open to only Kiyobukan members. Hanshi, Grandmaster, Seiei Nakaza will be in attendance and will present all awards to the winners of their respective divisions. According to Hobson the event will offer beautiful custom medals for the top competitors, and first place winners will receive full tuition for the 2014 training camp in San Diego California.

About the International Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan

Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan was founded in 2008 by Hanshi, 9th Dan, Seiei Nakaza of to preserve the legacy of Shorin-Ryu as Karate as it was passed down through the Matsumura, Itosu, Chibana, Nakazato lineage. After nearly 55 years of training with some of the most noted masters in the history of karate, in the birthplace of karate, Nakaza-sensei has fostered a gathering to preserve karate's future. The association was founded nurture purity of the Budo spirit of Okinawa and focuses on developing the

quality of karate-ka above all.