Kiyobukan Participates in 500 year old tradition in Itoman-shi Okinawa

Post date: Jun 26, 2012 2:51:14 AM

Members of the International Kiyobukan Kyokai participated in a 500 year old tradition on June 23, 2012 when they joined the people of Nashiro Village, Itoman-Shi Okinawa for the annual canoe race. Hanshi Nakaza and his students were special guests at the event thanks to the

Senator of Itoman City.

While at the event Kyoshi Brian Hobson directed a group of six Kiyobukan black belts to participate in the canoe race. The race launch from Nashiro beach with three teams racing simultaneously, all in traditional dress of the historic fishing village. The Kiyobukan team managed an

impressive secondly place finish behind the team from the Okinawan military.

Following the race the Kiyobukan karate-ka performed kata for the race attendees on the beach. The team performed Passai Sho to a warm reception from the event attendees. Following the event, Hanshi Nakaza, Kyoshi Hobson, and the other black belts joined the villages for a traditional eku dance, and luncheon at the village clubhouse. Following lunch, Sensei Phong Tran performed kata for the visitors of the community clubhouse.

"This was an amazing experience for us," said Kyoshi Brian Hobson. "Our Kiyobukan karate is now a part of the rich tradition of Nashiro Beach. There is no way to quantify the value of something like that."