• WHO? Any athlete that is registered for camp

  • WHEN? August 8th, (Saturday night) at 6:30 pm

  • WHERE? University of Saint Katherine Gym

  • RULES? Modified World Karate Federation. We will review rules prior to competition.

  • COST?

  • Pre-Registered before July 8th: $45.

  • Pre-registered after July 8th: $55.

  • On-Site: $60

  • AWARDS? Gold, Silver & Bronze winners will receive beautiful customized medals.

  • The “ALL-AROUND CHAMPIONS” will receive FULL tuition to next year’s camp!

  • *** The overall top 2 in each division will be put on the first ever KIYOBUKAN TEAM for a possible tournament in OKINAWA in 2022!!! Details to follow.


  • All kata performed must be an advanced form from any Japanese/Okinawan style (example: Rohai above).

  • Two at a time “Flag System” for judging will be used (red & blue) in junior divisions. In adult divisions, competitors will perform separately then be called back up for flag scoring.

  • The same kata can be performed in every round or can be changed every round. Adult competitors must perform different kata from the previous round before the finals.

  • MANDATORY SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Foam dipped headgear (adult optional) and mouthpiece in all divisions, Groin cups (males). WKF type/designed hand and foot pads only. Must have red & blue hand pads and red and blue belt. Cloth shin and instep are also allowed in all junior divisions as a substitute for WKF type. Equipment will be on site for purchase. “Under-the-gi”, chest protectors are optional.

  • Athletes will receive 4 pts for every gold medal, 2 pts for every silver medal and 1 pt. for every bronze medal.

  • The athlete that has the most points after kata and kumite division will win FREE tuition to next year’s summer camp. In the case of a tie, both athletes will perform a kobudo kata of their choice to break the tie.

  • THE NAKAZA CUP will be awarded to the winningest dojo! Every time your dojo wins a medal, they are awarded points toward the cup. At the end of the tournament, the points will be totaled and which ever dojo has the most will keep the cup for that year AND have their dojo’s name and year engraved on it.