Post date: Jan 24, 2013 12:12:17 AM

Again, Kyoshi Hobson will have the honor of serving as the host and Camp Director. It is with great pride and pleasure that he has extended to all Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan members and interested karateka the invitation to participate in the 4th Annual Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan International Summer Camp.

This year are honored to once again have Hanshi Seiei Nakaza as our featured instructor. Hanshi Nakaza is equally excited to return this year to teach. Those that attended last year found that Hanshi is very approachable, and honest in regard to karate-do.

The response from last year’s camp, and the verbal commitments to this year’s camp have been overwhelming; therefore, this year’s camp will be at the Hampton Roads Convention Center but in the Grand Ballroom, doubling our training space from 2011. Additionally there will be tatami sport mats covering the entire training floor!!!

The camp site is within walking distance for both camp hotels: Embassy Suites and the newly opened Holiday Inn Express. Please take advantage of both host hotels. They are both offering great deals on excellent rooms and services.


This will be the first year we will host our own karate tournament at the camp. It will be open to only Kiyobukan members. Hanshi will be in attendance and will present all awards to the winners of their respective divisions. In addition to beautiful custom medals, the winners will receive full tuition for next year's camp! Please refer to insert for details on the competition.


“If the training is easy, winning will be hard. If the training is hard, winning will be easy.”

Hanshi expects that every camper, at all ranks, will attend and train in every session. If there is an injury or situation that prevents a person from participating in specific activities please inform the Camp Director prior to camp.

Camp package and registration information is available on the link below.