2nd Annual International Kiyobukan Summer Camp

Post date: Apr 11, 2011 4:41:30 PM

~ featured instructor ~


9th Degree Black Belt, SHORIN~ RYU

Those that attended last year found that Hanshi is very approachable, and honest in regard to karate-do. Last year he requested to teach at every session, and to each class he brought an unusual zest.

After witnessing such a strong group at last year’s camp, Hanshi became so motivated, he moved the Hombu (headquarters) Dojo to a new location, which will be one of the largest dojos in Okinawa. Hanshi is looking forward to many of us coming there to learn, train and practice with him.

The response from last year’s camp, and the verbal commitments to this year’s camp has been overwhelming; therefore, this year’s camp has been moved to the Hampton Roads Convention Center. This is a newer, state of the art facility that will give us an additional 2,000 square feet to train. It is within walking distance from the Best Western Hotel; and located directly next door is the Embassy Suites. Please take advantage of both host hotels. They are both offering great deals on excellent rooms and services.

“If the training is easy, winning will be hard. If the training is hard, winning will be easy.” J