All dojos/clubs wishing to join/transfer into the Kiyobukan must apply directly to the Director of North America. The Director (or someone appointed by him) will carry out an evaluation of each applicant or someone appointed by him/her. Prior Yudansha ranks are not necessarily transferable and hence may not be recognized, but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Kiyobukan favors quality of Karate over quantity of students.

Membership in this organization is not taken lightly. Diligent consideration will be given to individuals and their dojos. Normally, there will be a one (1) year probationary membership, which can be extended. If the general curriculum and karate standards are not satisfactorily met, the Director or the designate, may deem it may deem it necessary to visit the dojo during classes to see ensure that the teaching and students are up to par with the Kiyobukan standard.

Traditionally, in Okinawa, Yudansha are asked to drop at-least one (1) Dan grade, if they are from the same style, or more, if they are from a different style (ex. - Goju-Ryu). Kiyobukan does NOT take away the prior accomplishments of the individual; one will always maintain his/her rank from the previous association). New rank certification will be based on knowledge of the Kiyobukan system. Kobayashi stylists are not eligible for rank in the Kiyobukan until they have put their “time-in” under this organization. Gaining knowledge that our organization possesses’ should be the basis for a dojo seeking membership, not rank.

Membership in Kiyobukan does not limit participants from attending other association’s events. Indeed, Hanshi Nakaza encourages people to learn from other styles and instructors. However, “membership” in another martial arts organizations must be approved. Members that wish to do be involved in other organizations must obtain written permission first from their instructor and then the North American Director. If deemed necessary, this permission can be revoked at any time and for any reason in light of the politics that surround the world of martial arts. Attempts to gain rank in another Shorin-Ryu/Shuri-Te system is not recommended.

All inquiries about the Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Kiyobukan Karate Kyokai may be made directly to the North American Director or a Dojo Manager in good standing. Click to find a dojo near you.