Kiyobukan Updates: from the Desk of Kyoshi Hobson 11/26/2013

Post date: Dec 01, 2013 10:15:45 PM

End of the year greetings to all of you! I pray that everyone receives this letter in good health and spirit.

Just to catch you all up on what events have been going on since the summer… I am extremely proud to

announce Sensei Marques McCammon was promoted to Renshi/Godan by Hanshi as a part of his final words and wishes about the Kiyobukan. I was more than proud to be the barer of this exciting news as we had a special seminar at his dojo in San Marcos.

Additionally, we completed the Kata & Bunkai Conclave #6 at my dojo in early November. We had approximately thirty participants from four of our dojos in the association. We started out with basic bunkai and worked our way up.

Lastly, due to a conflict in schedule, Sensei Harriday’s dojo could not attend the Conclave. So the weekend following, they scheduled the exact seminar to be taught at their dojo. It was very well attended. Everyone trained hard and had a great time.

Beyond the update, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to serve you in the Kiyobukan. It has been truly a great experience being the middleman between Hanshi Nakaza and our group. I have had the opportunity to come to everyone’s dojo on more than one occasion and have been fortunate enough to get to know everyone at least a bit better.

The Kiyobukan’s beginnings were meager. It was just Hanshi and I, and a big dream. Slowly but surely we built the organization, dojo by dojo, club by club to what it currently is today. Everyone has enjoyed summer camps with Hanshi, trips to Okinawa, conclaves, seminars and of course promotions. We all planned the perfect picnic, but the weather we just could not control.

As you all know, Hanshi passed early this fall after a strong bout with cancer. As you may already know, before he passed, Hanshi assumed the title of “Saiko Komon” (Senior Advisor) and he appointed me the “So Honbu Cho” (Main Association Chairman).

While I was in Okinawa, just before Hanshi passed, he told his family to tell me that I would be the one to carry on the Kiyobukan. They told that he had entrusted me, one-hundred percent, with the task of carrying his, and the Kiyobukan’s, legacy into the future. Although I am honored by the appointment, I would not hesitate to give it all back to have my instructor and close friend back amongst us.

Hanshi Nakaza was a giving individual. He gave his everything to his karate and to us. All he asked was that we always do our very best. He gave us a karate home and an opportunity to grow … He was, in essence, our adopted karate father and the Kiyobukan was his gift to us.

All the Best

Kyoshi Brian Hobson

So Honbu Cho

International Shorin Ryu Kiyobukan